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WLCF Accredited Trainers are still available

The Solution Organisation
can still provide specialist WLC training please click here

WLCF Online Tool is no longer available
The WLCF Online Tool  was developed between 1999 and 2000 when the Internet was young, and very different from today, and was written in a language that is no longer compatible with the modern day Internet.

Unfortunately the cost of maintenance became too high and there was no financial support to upgrade to modern day technology.

Therefore after 8 years of service it has been withdrawn.

If you have any issues with live projects please email us here

The Whole Life Cost Forum

Represented the construction and property industry for the development of Whole Life Costs.

We operated between 1999 and 2005 and is now suspended having delivered all our targets and projects.

This web site will be kept online as long as possible as a reference source.

In closing the WLCF Brad Bamfield, the Chairman, thanked all the past members for their financial support and hard work.. He also noted that we were ahead of our time and that maybe the industry has still to catch up with the WLCF.

You can email  here

Site updated: 17/04/2013